DPS Ranchi hosts the Regional Forum of IC3 2020

14-02-2020 More Photos..

DPS Ranchi hosted the regional forum of IC3 on 14.02.2020 at the Vivekananda Auditorium in the school premises. It was a privilege for DPS Ranchi to host the IC3 convention consecutively for the second time. The Principals of more than 80-100 schools (CBSE, ICSE)across Jharkhand  and foreign delegates of different  universities across 5 countries were a part of this convention. The representatives from Wayne State University, Ashoka University, Plaksha University, Bennett University, University of Arizona etc participated in the seminar. 

The symposium began with the rendition of a welcome song by the school choir, presided by bouquet presentation to the dignitaries. Lamp lighting was done by the revered guests to induce the positive vibes at the onset of the event. The event wouldn’t have started any better than the graceful and expressive dance drama based on the advent of Basant Ritu which soaked the aura in pure rhythm. 

IC3 Regional Forums are the new mantra for bridging the gap between Career and College Counseling and the admission processes in high schools. It aims to empower high schools with professional developmental opportunities to ensure that students find the best answers to questions of “what to study” and “how to make it happen”. It is a platform for admission officers, administrators, principals, teachers, and school-based career and college counselors to bring forth new knowledge, research-oriented and best practices focused on students success.

The goal of the IC3 Regional Forums is to bring together school leaders (Principals), college, counselors and teachers with university delegates to discuss the transition from high school to college and beyond, focusing on career and college counselling and admissions practices. IC3 provides a great platform to network, learn more and stay up to date with the latest trends in career and college counselling. The IC3 Regional Forums are aligned with IC3’s mission to empower schools to build and maintain robust, well-resourced and research-oriented career and college counseling offices. The IC3 Regional Forums enable access for hundreds of schools that have limited resources for travel and training of their principals, teachers, and counselors. Other key objectives of the IC3 Regional Forums are bringing inclusiveness, diversity, and quality.

Opening Key Note Speaker,Dr. Gopal Pathak appreciated the initiative to help students to choose their career prudently which best suits their own aspirations, desires, and interests. He appreciated the efforts of IC3 and DPS Ranchi which provided a platform to discuss the vital issues related to the career and enables counselors, teachers, and principals to interact with universities across the globe. He shared his experience about the culture of classroom teaching in the universities of Stanford and Princeton. He said that good teaching has a threefold step involving “remembering, understanding and creating”. He further added that unfortunately, Indian Universities don’t pay attention to the third and the most important aspect of teaching ie creativity. We should focus more on “how to think” than what to think. This can only be possible with the help of teachers who are the creators and moulders of the work environment. 

The conference was divided into 4 sessions for a multi-faceted discussion on topics like Counselling Laboratory-Relevance and Impact, Developing Writing Skills in the Liberal Arts, Higher Education Landscape and Emerging Careers and  Role of University Panel in Navigating Undergraduate Study Options in India and Abroad. 

 Shri Ganesh Kohli who is serving as the Chair of IC3, and has helped to build a platform that is providing a much-needed focus on career and college counselling within high schools. An engineer by education Ganesh Kohli is a teacher and counselor who has founded, nurtured and led multiple education-focused organizations over the past 20 years. In two of his sessions he spoke about how modern education system should adopt a liberal attitude. The Institutions should inculcate passion and interest among the students which will not only create a  conducive environment for students but also enable the parents to become a part and parcel of the teaching-learning process. 

Other notable Speakers were: Dr. Michael Burns, Ms. Shradha Singaurey, Ms. Naina Katyal, Ms. Lalchhanhimi Purkayastha and Mr. Sandeep Saraswal.

In one of the segments the Foreign Universities exhibited themselves talking about the career options available in their respective organizations. 

The Revered Principal Dr. Ram Singh of DPS Ranchi extended a warm welcome to Mr. Ganesh Kohli, Founder IC3 Movement, Dr. Gopal Pathak , Vice-Chancellor of Jharkhand Univerity of Technology and other dignitaries. He said that DPS Ranchi has worked diligently towards promoting the ideologies of IC3 for the last two years and is determined to update the recent trends in the field of career and college counselling. 

Dr. Singh has been a torch bearer in the field of education and DPS Ranchi prepares its students for the life ahead providing the students the skills needed for university, college, or the workplace, empowering them with critical thinking skills and making them socially interactive. The school is already working for the same by organizing frequent global university fairs and seminars for the young students so that they can identify their interest areas in the very onset of their careers. 

The seminar was concluded by the distribution of certificates to the participating guests and academic dignitaries.